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Scout Valencia: Hufflepuff Illegibilus Application by MelodyMoore
Scout Valencia: Hufflepuff Illegibilus Application
Scout: Illegibilus Harry Potter RP Applicant

• The Basics:

-Overly Friendly
-Terrible Sense of Fashion
-A Bit of an Idiot      
-Inventor’s Daughter
-Wants to be a Private Investigator
-Corgi Seeing Eye Dog
-Pureblood but Eccentric Wizarding Family

• Name:  Scout Valencia
• Age:  16
• Gender:  Lady
• Height:  5’8”
• Weight:  140 lbs
• Birthday: June 25th
• Nationality: British
• House:  Hufflepuff
• Year:  6th
• Wand Ingredients:
           - Core:  Unicorn
           - Length:  13 ¾
           - Wood:  Willow
           - Flexibility:   Pliant

• Spells:
-Unlocking Charm - Alohomora
-Duplicating Charm - Geminio
-Muffling Charm - Muffliato
-Obliteration Charm - Nonverbal
-Impediment Jinx - Impedimenta
-Undetectable Extension Charm - Unknown

• Personality:  
   Scout is a bit of an idiot, but a well-meaning one.  She comes from a long line of eccentric wizards and seems to be especially naïve as a result.  She’s willing to do just about anything to make a friend, and even more to keep them, even if it means doing something dangerous or stupid.  In her free time she likes to solve mysteries, like a blind, stupid, particularly useless witch version of Nancy Drew.  If you are looking for a weird way to waste your time, and likely get in trouble, then feel free to tag along on one of these adventures.

Her optimistic personality and overwhelming sense of justice aren't for everyone.  Scout is the type that you’ll either love to have a good laugh with (or at) or will despise with a passion.  Bullies in particular will either be amused or annoyed by her persistence in hunting them down.  She will do everything in her power to get them to either change their ways or suffer the consequences, though she’s not very intimidating.

• Appearance:  
Scout is fairly lanky and it doesn't help that she often wears clothing that are oversized, frumpy and out of style.  Since she’s blind, Scout tends to buy clothes from second hand stores based on what they feel like and how comfy they are to fall asleep in, thus her wardrobe is a complete train wreck.  She has a sweater covered in bare butt chap wearing cowboys, a dress covered in vulgar curse words, leggings with cats shooting lasers out of their eyes and a raincoat featuring shirtless firemen suggestively holding hoses.  These are just the beginning of her terrible ‘style’.

As for physical features, Scout has a small gap between her two slightly large front teeth, giving her a bit of a rabbit look when she smiles.  She also has milky blue gray eyes that never focus on you when she speaks, making it obvious she’s blind if she’s not wearing sunglasses to hide the fact.  Her hair is above her shoulder, bouncy and dark black and often partially braided to keep the bangs from getting in her eyes, though she can’t see either way.

• Adapting:  
Being blind in the wizarding world is actually not that difficult, especially with an inventor as a father.  Scout has several options for keeping up with her fellow students, such as:  Mr. Darcy, her seeing eye dog, is able to lead her around when she doesn't feel like using her case.  Mr. Valencia, her father, crafted her a pair of special giant sunglasses that read any text written on boards or parchment via a whisper into her ear, so she can keep up in class, and of course there are a variety of spells to help her read and take notes audibly and verbally.  Certain actions require an extra step, but she’s able to get by with minimal extra effort.  Also her wand screws into the top of her walking cane so she doesn't lose it, just another one of her dad's inventions.

• Background:
Scout was born and raised in Wales to a pureblood family, though despite this claim, her family is mostly laughed at rather than held in high esteem.  The Valencias are a notoriously eccentric and odd family , each generation having their own quirk.  There are plenty of ‘inbred’ jokes told about them seeing as her grandparents were second cousins, though this isn't particularly unusual with purebloods, unfortunately.  

Mr. Valencia is an inventor, though not a rich one.  His contraptions are usually far too strange and specific to make much money, and despite being incredibly intelligent, he seems almost simple due to rarely speaking more than a few words at a time and spending most of his days alone in his laboratory.  He cares deeply for his wife and daughter and shows this through making them unique and quirky gadgets.  Physical contact is almost impossible though, as he cringes at anything more than a handshake.

Mrs. Valencia is a writer of Erotic Wizard Fiction and earns the larger income of the two, though not enough to make them rich by anyone’s standards.  Her books are trashy and ridiculous, much like herself.  June Valencia is a plump woman who loves sweets almost as much as she loves vulgar language.  She has no filter and speaks everything the moment it comes to her mind.

Both the Valencia’s had wanted a child for quite a long time, but it was difficult with Mr. Valencia's aversion to physical contact, so obviously they were thrilled when Scout was conceived.  Her lack of sight became apparent quickly and could have easily been corrected via magic, but they actively chose not to.  They thought it would make their daughter ‘more interesting’, which was a decision many of their fellow wizards condemned and gossiped over for years to come.  Some called the idea ‘cruel’, others just claimed it was part of the Valencia eccentricity and that they weren't at all surprised.

When Scout received her letter to Hogwarts, her parents gave her the option to correct her vision now that she was old enough, but she decided to stay without it.  Another ‘Valencia oddity’ many said, but really Scout was too afraid to make that big of change.  She was happy the way she was, and she was afraid being able to see might somehow change that.  Someday she may change her mind, but she hasn’t yet.
At Hogwarts, Scout has excelled mostly at divination, which may be because of her odd upbringing and her willingness to accept just about anything as the truth, but what she really wants is to become a private investigator.  In her free time, she takes on cases from other students.  Usually missing items or lost pets, but every once in a while something unique comes along.  She also loves meddling with muggles, trying to solve their problems.  Her heroes are the muggle characters of Nancy Drew and Batman.

• Family:
-Mr. Phillip Valencia - Father, Pureblood, Eccentric Inventor, Fan of Muggle Technology
-Mrs. June Valencia - Mother, Pureblood, Erotic Wizard Fiction Novelist, Loves Sweets

• Likes & Dislikes:

-Sleeping In
-Comfy Clothes
-People that smell nice
-Solving Mysteries

-Walking into walls
-Walking into traffic
-Flying (for obvious reasons)
-Feeling stupid
-Not being taken seriously

• Elective Classes:
           - Care of Magical Creatures
           - Divination
           - Apparition  (She can't fly well, so this is the easiest way of travel)

• Extra Curricular:
           - Ghoul Studies

• Pet:
           - Name:  Mr. Darcy
           - Species:  Dog (Corgi)
           - Gender:  Gentleman
           - Personality:  Ditzy / Overly Dramatic / Loyal / Too Friendly / Will Do Anything For Treats

Mr. Darcy is Scout’s seeing eye dog, or rather, that was his intended purpose when Mr. And Mrs. Valencia purchased him as a puppy.  Unfortunately his skills as such are fickle at best.  He certainly tries hard to lead Scout around safely, but he’s easily distracted and his stubby legs don’t help much.  Despite all this Scout refused to find another companion, because the two are best friends.  Even though the corgi might accidentally lead Scout face first into a few walls, he’s here to stay.  They even have matching sweaters.
The Fairy Godmother by MelodyMoore
The Fairy Godmother
"Honey, There’s no way I’m letting you go to the ball wearing that hot mess.”  -In which The Fairy Grandmother is a total Tumblr/Instagram Fashionista. 

This is for a Cinderella redesign concept art project I'm working on, that's aimed at modernizing the story for middle grade/teens.

Check out my tumblr images of the drawing process:…
Christmas Portrait Practice by MelodyMoore
Christmas Portrait Practice
This is a portrait for someone on reddit who wanted a festive drawing based off this photograph of herself:

I'm still teaching myself to digitally paint but things are slowly improving.  This is attempt #3 (check out my gallery for the first two).  : )

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